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sportline mustang eibachMustang Shop San Diego | MSSD begins a new relationship with late model Mustangs after decades of the successful restoration of vintage Mustangs. MSSD now takes this vast experience and is providing its expertise to the Fox, SN95, SN197 and S550 Mustangs along with its vintage restoration business. The debut of the SN197 platform in 2005 is perhaps, arguably, one of the most significant improvements in a model platform ever executed by a manufacturer. With the application and knowledge of the aftermarket improvements that are available to this “New Classic Mustang,” MSSD can now create a late model Mustang for you to rival the highest priced exotics.

Our Approach

We approach our late model customers with a consultative strategy that takes in budget, driver capabilities and future driving aspirations to come up with the right combination of products to reach those goals.  An unlikely analogy for how we approach the products we represent is understanding how Southwest Airlines designed their business strategy. Southwest Airlines, as most people realize only flies Boeing 737’s.  The deeper you look at this strategy the more sense it makes across all their business units.  Mechanics, spare parts, pilots, flight attendants and every aspect of their operations are positively affected by flying only 737’s.  Southwest does not have to hire pilots with certifications for planes other than 737’s, mechanics do not have to have experience with different aircraft with the end result being a more efficient operation across all business units. This provides the customer with an experience that is repeatable and becomes a standard that Southwest customers can count on.  It is our theory that you cannot represent a vast array of product and provide a knowledgeable application for all of those products with your customers.  It is simply impossible to give a customer a solid solution if you have too many choices with a varied sales and installation experience with most of them.  We view our job as knowing who the best manufacturers are and their products while applying them appropriately to our customer’s budget and desired performance and appearance goals.

Vintage Restorations

20151023_121733The mainstay of the MSSD for over thirty years has been the restoration of vintage Mustangs and will continue to be a focus of the company but with a dedication to a smaller number of manufacturers.  MSSD has the distinction of being one of the first restoration shops to adapt the 5.0 Coyote into a classic Mustang.  This leadership and foresight to stay ahead of the trends and new technology in the vintage restoration business will continue and will produce future restorations of unparalleled quality and value.


tcp kcft-1_2_The timing of this strategic move happens at a time when the leader in vintage aftermarket Mustang components is bringing a completely new platform to the market.  Chris Alston’s Chassisworks brand, Total Control Products (TCP) has introduced a g-Street Mustang system that was preceded a couple of years ago by the g-Street Camaro.  This concept allows the replacement of the original frame rails all the way back to the uni-body.  Typically, vintage Mustangs have dented and bent frame rails that are difficult to correct, and this g-Street Mustang platform provides a laser straight and new frame underpinning in which to build your restoration on. Click on the images to get high resolution versions.


TCP Tubular Front ClipThe g-Street concept allows the widest variety of suspension, tire combinations and budgets that can create the wildest pro-mod touring Mustangs to dedicated track machines capable of taking on anything on the planet. Not only is this platform from one manufacturer, Chassisworks’s Total Control Products, but the shocks are also a Chassisworks company. VariShock provides the widest array of coilovers, coilovers with remote reservoirs, smooth body shocks and springs to tune the perfect handling for your needs.  You can acquire this technology for a relatively small premium to competing manufacturers, but in long run its your classic Mustang and cheaper parts should not be in your vocabulary. Right?


Scott Hoag’s MRT (Mustang Racing Technologies) is the only boutique manufacturer of exhaust systems for the 2015 and SN 197 Mustangs.  In addition, MRT builds exhaust systems for the Camaro, EcoBoost Mustang, Focus and Chevy’s SS.  If you have the choice of buying a mass produced system or one that is hand-crafted and engineered by the former Ford engineering program manager for the Mach 1 and Bullitt Mustangs and founder of MRT, you should buy the latter. So if you have never had a high horsepower car and had to make a decision on an aftermarket exhaust system, shut up and listen to real world experience to get the kind of sound that you and everyone will feast on.  The most logical approach to this is to install an X 0r H pipe with stock mufflers to start.  Why? Because it’s the way to approach getting the sound that appeals to you the owner and driver of the car.  An H or X pipe will give modest horsepower improvements with a corresponding increase in sound. This increase is typically just the perfect amount of performance sound and experience has taught us that adding an axle-back system to it makes the sound too loud.  Whatever combination you decide is right for you, MRT’s hand made custom exhaust components are the way to go.

Maximum Motorsports

Maximum Motorsports was founded in 1992 by Chuck Schynoch and produces finely engineered suspension systems and components for the Fox Body, SN95, SN197 and S550 Mustangs.  With MM you have the ability to build up your Mustang all at once with their Grip in a Box packages or you can as your budget allows, continually improve your Mustang to your tastes and driving aspirations.