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Tilton Mustang Clutch-Flywheel Assemblies


Complete MM-Tilton Clutch kit for 5.0L based pushrod engines in 1979-2004 Mustang chassis. Designed for use with the standard Mustang cable-actuated release bearing system. This clutch kit is intended for off-highway road course use; inappropriate use (street driving or drag racing) will greatly shorten clutch life. This 7.25″ clutch is lighter weight than a standard clutch, with a much lower moment of inertia (MOI).
See our Tech Page to learn more about multiple-disc clutches.

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To order:
The steps listed below will guide you in selecting the correct clutch options (listed above) for your application.

Step 1
Choose either “2-disc” or “3-disc” clutch.

  • 2-disc clutch: Rated at 570 lb-ft of engine torque. Includes 2 cerametallic discs.
  • 3-disc clutch: Rated at 855 lb-ft of engine torque. Includes 3 metallic discs.
  • Disc packs with higher torque ratings are available by special order; contact us for a quote.

Step 2
Select either “10-spline” or “26-spline” discs to match your Mustang’s transmission input shaft.

All original OEM transmissions fitted to 1979-2010 Mustangs have a 10-spline input shaft.

Most aftermarket performance transmissions have a 26-spline input shaft.

Step 3
Select the crankshaft balance of your Mustang’s 5.0L-based engine.

  • 50-oz imbalance is standard on 1979-1995 Mustang 5.0L engines.
  • 28-oz imbalance is sometimes used on performance engine builds to reduce the balance weight on the flywheel.
  • 0-balance: Internally-balanced, with no added flywheel weight. Used on high performance engine builds to eliminate the flywheel balance weight and reduce crankshaft flexing.

Step 4
Select the adjustable pedal stop to fit the model year of your Mustang chassis.

  • 1979-1995
  • 1996-2004

Step 5
Click the “Add To Cart” button.

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Product Description

Tilton Mustang Clutch-Flywheel Assemblies

Tilton’s Ford Clutch-Flywheel Assemblies are designed to be a direct replacement for the stock assemblies of 1979-2004 Ford Mustangs, retaining the same diameter (ring gear size) as originally equipped with the car. These clutch kits are designed to offer significantly lower weight and inertia than a standard 10.5” clutch-flywheel assembly. The low moment-of-inertia of the clutches provides faster engine acceleration out of corners and fast engine deceleration into them for improved braking, making them ideal for road racing applications.

The clutch’s torque capacity (varies by plate count) is enough for most modified Mustangs, with the 2-plate cerametallic clutch kit sufficient for lightly modified cars and the 3-plate metallic clutch kit preferred for heavily modified cars. The clutches also provide a low release load for the Mustang cable-type release bearing system.

Tilton’s Ford Mustang clutch kits are designed for use with any high quality flexplate (customer supplied).

2-plate cerametallic kit:

Recommended for lightly modified Mustangs.

3-plate metallic kit:

Recommended for heavily modified Mustangs.

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