1979 To 1995 Ford Mustang Pushrod Engine History Gt40 Intake

Mustang Engine History: 1979-1995 Ford Small Blocks

Mustang Engine History: 1979-1995 Ford Small-Blocks Late-model Mustang Powerplant Timeline: Charting the evolution of pony powerplants starting with 5 liters of fury Evan J. SmithFreelancer April 30, 2015 Ford Motor Company has led the industry in V-8 engine development since it introduced the flathead back in 1932. The mass-produced flathead gave customers excellent power and […]

Maximum Motorsports S550 Camber Caster Install 20 Prototype Coilover

Installing Maximum Motorsports 2015 Caster Camber Plates

Suspension Installing Maximum Motorsports’ Caster Camber Plates on an S550 Mustang GT Justin Fivella July 10, 2015 The scenario is all too common in the Mustang world. An enthusiast installs aftermarket performance lowering springs only to be left with alignment specs that can’t be fixed with the factory components. In most cases the unfixable alignment […]


My Personal History with Mustangs

My Personal History with Mustangs My earliest experience with a Mustang was when I was 13 and my best friend’s father had a 68 that was losing its clutch.  Mr. Princevale, the father of my friend Mike, was a very unique individual who drove a Coors Beer truck for a living, but farmed a few […]